Your support helps to serve our mission of providing excellent, affordable senior lifestyle services. Every donation helps us maintain our affordability programs as well as proactive investment into our community facilities and programming. Baruch Senior Ministries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Individual contributors may take a tax deduction for charitable contributions to organizations qualified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Ways To Donate

  By Mail

If you would prefer to send a gift via mail, you may download our donation form here and mail to us your completed form along with your donation.


Online donations are secure and convenient. Our system can process recurring donations, send you email receipts and walk you through creating a user account where you can access tax receipts. Our residents thank you for your gift.


Volunteers are a vital part of our mission to provide the best care for our residents. For more information about volunteering opportunities, find a Baruch Senior Ministries community near you.

Special Donations

Memorial Gifts
These gifts pay respect to the memory of a deceased family member or friend. Baruch sends an acknowledgement of your gift with message of sympathy to the recipient designated on your gift form. The amount of the gift will not be shown.
Honor Gifts
Honor gifts express appreciation for family or friends by recognizing birthdays, anniversaries and other moments of significance. Baruch sends an acknowledgement with greetings to the honoree designated on your gift form. The amount of the gift will not be shown.
In-Kind/Equipment Donations
Our assisted living communities always have a need for items that help serve and enhance the lives of the residents who make their home with us. Find a local Baruch community near you and visit their website’s Donate page for a wish list of items needed at each of our assisted living communities.