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Baruch — A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

As a faith-based nonprofit, Baruch’s mission is to provide excellent, affordable senior care to residents in Michigan. We’re supported by donors like you who believe in providing better lives for the seniors we love. Donate to Baruch today.

Your Positive Impact When You Give to Baruch

Better Care With Compassion & Dignity

Baruch is dedicated to providing better care for seniors. Our staff works hard to be compassionate and provide a great life for our residents.

Spiritual Care & Life Enrichment

We’re dedicated to providing a deep spiritual life for our seniors. Our dedicated Spiritual Care Team works to partner with churches and chaplains to offer worship, prayer, and fellowship options.

Specialized Care Options

Baruch is dedicated to providing specialized care options that seniors often can’t find elsewhere. We go above and beyond for our loved ones.

The Lifetime Promise

The Lifetime Promise provides reduced costs to qualified residents based on their individual monthly income. This program is entirely confidential and assures that a resident will remain in the community with an equal level of care and never be asked to leave due to personal financial circumstances.

Making the Lives of Seniors Better

Support Baruch’s Mission By Donating to Help Seniors

Every dollar of your donation to Baruch, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, goes towards enriching the lives of seniors. Our goal is for our residents to live fulfilling, healthy lives in community with others. We provide better care by dedicated staff who treat seniors with compassion and dignity. We’re here to integrate faith and fellowship into the lives of seniors throughout Michigan.

Other Ways to Give

Giving financially isn’t the only way to support Baruch’s mission. Consider some other ways to support our seniors. If you’re interested in giving to Baruch in any ways, please reach out to us.

Volunteer With Baruch

We love working with volunteers who can make connections with our seniors and further our mission. We have a variety of volunteering options. Reach out to Baruch today!

Gifts In Kind

Baruch accepts gifts in kind to help our residents. If you would like to make a gift in kind donation, please reach out to our staff—we’d love to discuss it.

Pray For Our Residents & Staff

We deeply appreciate your prayers for our residents and staff. We believe your prayers are effective and can make a difference, not only to our mission but in the individual lives of each of our valued residents.


Supporting Spiritual & Life Enrichment

Feeling at home means participating in activities you enjoy and celebrating life’s significant moments. Our Life Enrichment team plans meaningful and engaging activities for our residents to enjoy, from daily scheduled activities to special events. Our team also works with volunteers to connect residents with the local community.

Connect with our team

Interested in learning more about Spiritual Care, or what your loved one’s life could look like at Baruch? Reach out to us—we’d love to connect with you.