Assisted Living Checklist

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Click here for the printable version: Assisted Living Checklists

We want to make sure that Baruch Senior Ministries is the right fit for your loved one. We understand that there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing an assisted living home. To aid you in your search for a lifetime home for your loved one, we have compiled a checklist of questions to consider.


Community Environment

  • Do you like the location and outward appearance of the community?
  • Are indoor and outdoor areas safe and secure? Are these areas monitored by staff?
  • Are resident rooms clean and spacious?
  • Are doorways, hallways, and rooms accommodating to wheelchairs and walkers?
  • Are hand rails and call-alerts available throughout the building?
  • Are common areas and resident rooms free of odor?
  • Does the community feel fresh and clean?


Caregivers & Staff

  • Are staff members friendly and welcoming?
  • Does the staff interact with residents and visitors?
  • Does the staff appear composed and work stations organized?
  • Can staff administer medications?
  • Are staff appropriately dressed?



  • Does the community have experience with the issues or diagnosis your loved one suffers from?
  • Are there therapy services on site?
  • Is personal care done with respect and dignity?
  • Are staff trained in dementia care? How long is the training and what topics are covered?
  • How does staff handle challenging behaviors?
  • How are families informed of changes in resident’s condition and care needs?
  • Is there a written plan for the care of each resident?
  • Are the family and resident involved in writing the care plan?
  • Are additional services available if the resident’s needs change?
  • What is the community’s policy regarding storage of medication, assistance with medication, and record keeping?
  • Is self-administration of medication allowed?
  • Does a physician/nurse visit the resident regularly for medical checkups?
  • What is the procedure in case of a medical emergency?


Resident Rooms

  • Are different sizes and types of rooms available?
  • Are bathrooms private with handicapped accommodations?
  • Are residents able to bring their own furnishings and belongings?
  • Do all rooms have a telephone and cable TV? How is billing handled for their amenities?
  • Are residents allowed to keep food in their rooms?
  • Can residents have pets? What are the pet policies?



  • Does the community provide three balanced meals per day, seven days a week?
  • Are snacks available upon request?
  • Are special diets accommodated?
  • May residents eat meals in their rooms if requested?
  • Are family and friends able to join for mealtimes?
  • Are dining hours flexible?
  • How often do meal options change? Is there a menu you can look at?


Life Enrichment

  • Do you see residents engaged in activities or conversations with other residents?
  • What are some typical activities in the community? Ask to see an Activity Calendar.
  • Does the community provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, shopping centers, or field trips?
  • Are religious services and celebrations available for residents?
  • Can your loved one have their own clergy visit them?
  • What are the rules on visitors and visiting hours?


Billing & Procedures

  • What are billing, payments, and credit policies? May a resident handle their own finances?
  • What is the policy on insurance and personal property?
  • Are there government, private, or community-offered programs that offer financial assistance?
  • What is the procedure for assessing a potential resident’s needs and how often are those needs reassessed?
  • What is included in the monthly rate?
  • What happens if a resident runs out of money?
  • Does the community provide end-of-life care? Is hospice care available?