What is The Lifetime Promise?

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Click here to view our Lifetime Promise flyer for a printable version: Lifetime Promise Flyer

As part of its mission, Baruch Senior Ministries developed The Lifetime Promise that provides reduced monthly rates to qualified residents based on their individual income. This program is entirely confidential, ensures that the resident will remain in the community with an equal level of care, and brings peace of mind to each resident and their family that they will never be asked to leave due to personal financial circumstances.

Baruch Senior Ministries is founded upon the promise of Jeremiah 33:6: “I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”

Just as Baruch, Jeremiah’s disciple and scribe, remained faithful to his call, Baruch Senior Ministries promises to uphold its commitment to quality care that promotes enjoyment, community, vitality, and purpose for every individual.

Detailed eligibility guidelines are included on the flyer above. For more information, call or email a Baruch community near you!