Relationship Advice from Our Residents

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Valentine’s Day is an annual day where couples can celebrate their love and commitment to each other. Cards, flowers, and chocolate are shared and distributed, and you can find many couples on a romantic dinner date all throughout the country.

In our Baruch communities, many residents are enjoying Valentine’s Day with their spouse of 50, 60, 70, even 80 years of marriage! Others are reminiscing on the past years they had with their spouse, and adjusting to a life as a widow or widower.

In recognition of Valentine’s Day, we asked Baruch resident’s for helpful relationship advice. They have lived a lot longer than many of us. They have experienced joy and grief, blessing and heartache, and because of this, they have a lot of wisdom to share.

Their advice ranged from being patient to being selfless. They shared funny stories, shared their past, and shared their wisdom. We are thankful for those who took the time to share their experiences and aid the younger generations. If you would like to view the three part video series, the links are below. You can also follow Baruch Senior Ministries’ YouTube channel to see more videos!