Baruch Senior Ministries May Newsletter

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Happy May!

Since it’s National Bike Month, it seemed fitting to let you all know that Biking for Baruch will be taking place again this year! Save the date for the month of September and participate in this fun, virtual event! More details will be coming soon!

The winner of the Community Support Award is Georgetown & Cambridge Manor raising over $8,700 for their patio project!

The Team Support Award and the Wing Champions Award goes to the Wing Warriors of Georgetown & Cambridge Manor who raised over $3,000 and ate 241 chicken wings in one hour!

Congratulations to our winners!

Thank you to all who participated in the event, whether you ate wings or watched people eat wings! Your support is greatly appreciated! We are very thankful to have another successful Wing-A-Thon Event this year. Funds raised will be allocated to complete various projects in the communities that participated. All together we were blessed with over $15,000 in donations! Thank you!

A BIG thank you to all our sponsors who made this event possible!

If you missed the Wing-A-Thon LIVE, you can watch at this link:

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