Psalm 119: 17-19

Be good to your servant while I live, That I may obey your word. Open my eyes that I may see Wonderful things in your law.I am a stranger on earth; Give me clear direction.

How often in this unsettled year I have heard the lament, “I don’t know how to live in this world.” These words are echoed in today’s Psalm, “I am a stranger on earth.” We don’t belong in this world, we long for the way things were created to be. We have eternity written on our hearts.

A recent testimony from a grieving resident demonstrates a faith filled way of navigating difficult times: “I pray every morning that no matter where God leads in the day ahead, He will be in it with me, and will give me everything I need to make it through.” What an amazing example of open-handed surrender. Everything is entrusted to God’s care, knowing He will faithfully bless with strength and peace. This resident also claims God’s promise to walk alongside, to be with us right in the middle of whatever we are experiencing. In God’s presence we find rest. 

God ABIDES with us. God is present wherever we are, “open our eyes that we may see.”

Hear again the prayer of today’s Psalm: 

“We are strangers on this earth, Lord. Open our eyes that we may see you abiding with us, right in the middle of everything we are facing. We trust your way and your clear direction. Help us to “run in the path…for you have set our hearts free! (vs.32)”

I trust in God’s unfailing love; I will sing! (Psalm 13)


-Chaplain Sheri