In my office, I have a picture of a farm in the Northwest corner of Iowa. There is nothing really particularly special about this farm. There is a pen for pigs, a pasture for cows, rows and rows of corn, and a two-story farmhouse needing a new roof. For anyone other than my family, this picture is simply arepresentation of small rural farming in the Midwest. However, this picture holds a special place in myheart—this picture is home for me. Well, actually, I never lived there. It was my grandparent’s farm. It iswhere my dad was raised grew up with his dog Pepper. In this picture, I am reminded of where I come from, to me this picture is a reminder of home. Every so often, I find myself looking at one of the cows or staring at one of the rows of corn or laughing at the grass that should have been mowed before this picture was taken.

However, as I mentioned there is nothing particularly noteworthy about this farm, other than what itrepresents for my family and me. All of you could fill in your own story about the places you have called home throughout your life and that is what I want us to do at Baruch Senior Ministries in 2019. This year our theme is Home, whether that be remembering home, discovering home, or missing home. For the rest of the year, the Spiritual Care team will be writing on the places where God’s people have called home throughout Scripture. From the Garden of Eden to the desert to the Promised Land to exile, God’s people have found homes in various place at various times and with varying degrees of satisfaction. As we use the theme of Home in 2019, I encourage you to listen to the stories about home that those around you are sharing.

Chaplain Ryan