A lovelier day could not have been possible: sunny, yet cool with a 0% chance of rain. Better company and more scrumptious food could not have been wished. Beginning at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, the riders journeyed as far as Sand Lake and ended again at Riverside Park, where they were greeted with enthusiastic congratulations and charcoal grilled hot dogs.  For some the riding was breezy: others faced the challenge of flat tires or bicycles completely falling apart. All, however, finished with determination and with an adventure to remember and a story to share. Kids ran around finding turtles and showing off their Cheetos fingers, and all members and partners of the Baruch family enjoyed the social occasion. It was a great event, all for the benefit of Baruch Senior Ministries and its communities. An enormous thank you to our sponsors, our donors, our riders, and our volunteers who made Biking for Baruch possible and who continue to make possible the mission of Baruch Senior Ministries.